Hi I’m Dave Sparks, a freelance web developer who specialises in projects for smaller clients or subcontracting as part of larger teams or agencies. I have a background in computer programming, holding a degree in Computer Science and Music Technology, and work both front and back end projects primarily with a php and MySQL focus.

I have previously worked in an agency environment but I have experience working for various company sizes from small start ups right up to large multinational companies. I have over 15 years experience working with websites and for the last 10 I have done this on a freelance basis whilst flying as an airline captain around Europe. Currently I work part time as a pilot and the rest of the time I bring that professionalism to my freelance projects. You can find out more about me or my work here or if you want you can download my CV from the links, or why not get in touch and see what we can do together?

What do I do?

I offer services over a whole range from development of bespoke projects to management and setup of off the shelf products like CMS such as wordpress. I offer services direct to clients or often subcontrating as part of a larger team or agency.

Off the shelf and Custom projects

I work principally with PHP and MySQL based projects covering any aspect within that realm. This includes working with existing setups, adapting off the shelf packages to meet project needs and creating new websites and platforms from scratch. I can also provide help and guidance in setup and management areas.

CMS setup and development

A large amount of time is spent working with WordPress and I can help you get setup and running with a new wordpress site using existing templates and functionality as well as extending that to creating custom themes and plugins.
I have experience with a large number of CMS platforms such as Statamic, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal and Expression Engine to name a few.


I often work subcontracting to firms and agencies filling in service and expertise gaps, providing consultancy and advice on projects and clearing work backlogs or allowing clients to manage busier periods without the commitment to a permanent hire.

My Work

I no longer maintain a full portfolio due to a large amount of subcontracting work. Below are listed a few projects I run on a personal basis.
Screenshot from Mumubl.com



A music blog and membership site that allows users to blog about their favourite music.

Inspiration Liverpool

Inspiration Liverpool


A music project focused on those who are associated with the Liverpool music scene and the songs that inspire them

Screenshot from kamikazemusic.com



The home of my technical writing where I share information, thoughts and views on web design and development.

Get in Touch

You can find me in the UK in Kendal near The Lake District. However I'm happy to carry out work remotely so why not get in touch and see if I can help you out.

Try the phone

+44 151 528 6625

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